Identical twins sharing fiancé want to get pregnant at same time in Australia

Identical twins sharing fiancé want to get pregnant at same time in Australia

As Twins Similar Anna and Lucy Desink, 35, trying get pregnant at the same time of the groom living in Perth, Australia.

According to the sisters, they measure the temperature at the same time every morning to find out whether they are ovulating or not and also find out that fertile period happens in both same time of month, They star in an episode of the reality show “Sisters to the Extreme”. TLC,

It is important for them to get pregnant at the same time because like to do everything together: eating, bathing, sleeping, exercising and shopping. It was his mother who told her daughters to become pregnant at the same time as his partner.

The twins shared boyfriends for over 10 years

Anna revealed no jealousy among trisas, because the groom no longer gives preference to either of the two.

“He never takes anyone’s side. If he kisses me, he kisses my sister immediately. There is no jealousy. There is no separation between us. He understands that we want to be together all the time. We’re very active girls, and she needs twice as much energy.”

Anna DeSink

Twins sharing fiancee with identical sister

“He told me he felt like only one person, They want to be treated as one person,” explained Ben, who is in a relationship with the twins. For more than 10 years.

Despite being engaged, Trisal has no estimate of when the wedding will take place, as there is a union between more than two people. banned in australia, “That’s our biggest obstacle,” says Ben. “It’s totally unfair,” agree the sisters.

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