Igor Marcondes wins title in Florianopolis

Igor Marcondes wins title in Florianopolis

Unforgettable week. This Sunday Igor Marcondes won the Challenger tournament title in Florianopolis (SC). competition of sneakers, Played on clay floors, it distributed a prize pool of US$52,000.

Athletes from Itamirim Club de Campo, who skipped qualifying, defeated second-seeded Bolivian Hugo Delion in 119th place 6/2 and 6/4 after a period of 1h20 minutes.

Marcondes won his first trophy in his career in professional singles and in a special week where he defeated three main favourites. In the quarter-finals he overtook former Uruguayan Pablo Cuevas, current 98 in the world, in the biggest win of his career, passing seed 4 and semi against ex-Top 50, Argentine Juan Londero, current 140 and defeated second pre-rank.

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“The score hasn’t gone down yet, I’m really happy. I played a great game, at the end I panicked, I had a lot on my mind, but the main point, like in other sports, was to have faith, fight and Fight. I’m grateful for all that’s happening. Happening, all the hardships I went through, I’m lucky to have an amazing team, an incredible sponsor like Taroi, wonderful family, supporting me all the time.

Ranking development

For his win, he will jump nearly 200 positions in the ranking from 524th to 331st, his best. He started the season as 827th place, which means he will climb about 500 steps in the season.

“It was a really good week. Igor deserved it all, he grew game by game, gained confidence and became an increasingly dangerous player. We knew this was a game in the finals that was tactically fit.” Was, but if it was mentally it would be complicated because Hugo gives nothing for free and with this issue of the first Challenger final, it would be normal for Igor to feel that but thank God Igor is well in the game. Came back from and managed to close. It’s over, there’s another tournament. And get ready for a good pre-season for 2022,” said Roberto Carvalho, ADK tennis coach who follows Igor Marcondes are said.

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Marcondes disputes the last commitment of the year, starting Tuesday at the Challenger in Rio de Janeiro, where he awaits the qualifiers.

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