In a big stage, black belt Rodrigo Francioni aims for F2W belt: ‘If you call, I’m ready’ – 06/17/2021

In a big stage, black belt Rodrigo Francioni aims for F2W belt: ‘If you call, I’m ready’ – 06/17/2021

Black belt Rodrigo Francioni, a disciple of multi-champion Roberto Cyborg, has won countless medals on the American jiu-jitsu circuit. At the age of 27, the Fight Sports athlete competed in the IBJJF Pan No-Gi last May. The result was not expected, however, with Rodrigo hoping to learn from his mistakes to make a strong comeback in the next competitions.

– I believe he was doing well, without injury, with a good head, motivated, but in some fights we really fall behind the old game. There was a slight aggression lacking on my part, but it serves as a learning curve, I definitely won’t let this mistake happen again – declared fighter.

Bronze in the disputed South American no-gi in Brazil, Rodrigo won four South-Brazilian titles, as well as gold in the South American and Pan no-gi, not counting victories in superfights. Born in the city of Crisima in Santa Catarina, Black Belt has some jiu-jitsu and MMA stars as training partners such as Gilbert Durinho – UFC fighter – Wagner Rocha and Roberto Cyborg, leader of Fight Sports, the team appointed by Francioni among the best in the world From.

– Fight sports with absolute certainty is in the top 3 in the world, especially without GI. Cyborg along with many other athletes is doing an extraordinary job. Micael Galvão is here now, in addition to the other big names in MMA and jiu-jitsu dudes, if I mention it, I’ll definitely forget someone. I can say without a doubt that Fight Sports is now one of the biggest teams in the world – he said.

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In addition to tournaments he plays in the IBJJF, the main jiu-jitsu federation, Rodrigo is still called upon to fight in Fight 2 Win, one of the biggest grappling events in the United States. Keeping an eye on the event’s belt, the Brazilian is careful, but he doesn’t hide his desire to be champion.

– Without a shadow of a doubt, I am already 4-0 in this event, with two GI wins and two without. I guess I still need to face some athletes ahead of me on the belt waiting list, but if they call me tomorrow and say I’m going to fight, I’ll be ready – Tatami Fight Wear rep concludes Removed.

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