In a new episode of quarantine, the SP banned the return to restaurants, beaches, creeds and football – small businesses

In a new episode of quarantine, the SP banned the return to restaurants, beaches, creeds and football - small businesses

João Doria, Governor of São Paulo (Photo: Reproduction)

The government of São Paulo announced this on Thursday (11/3) Emergency phase To include the progress of Kovid-19 in the state. This measure is stricter than the red phase of the SP plan, putting it in all 645 municipalities emergency mode. In addition to the 8 to 5 pm curfew, the decision provides for the closure of beaches and parks, and prohibits religious services, mass sports activities and holding. Return of food in bars and restaurants. Delivery is available 24 hours and the drive-through system can operate between 5 am and 8 am.

Summary of rules:

– Curfew between 8 am and 5 pm.

– Withdrawal of products and food will be prohibited; Delivery continues 24H.

– Building material stores will be closed.

– Telecom will be mandatory for non-essential administrative activities.

– The measures affect 14 more activities and aim to drive 4 million people out of circulation.

– In the public network, the government decided to estimate the school holidays of April and October for the period from 15 to 28 March. Units will only be open for food offerings and distribution of materials, which must be made by prior appointment.

– In private networks, The government recommended that priority be given to distance education, but allowed private networks to operate at 35% capacity.

“In the last meeting (Center for Observation) we saw that the situation is constantly deteriorating and will require even more restrictive, further measures. What we are seeing is not to restrict people’s work and lives.” , But we need it to increase the distance. In this sense, we suggest measures that can increase isolation by more than 50% “, explained Pauling Menezes, Contingency Center coordinator.

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In a video released in the morning, the governor had already said he would take “unpopular measures”, increasing restrictions and social distance. In the publication, the SP’s governor pointed out that “the new strain of the virus is very aggressive and very dangerous”.

We have reached the most critical moment of the epidemic, following the recommendations of even the largest health experts, with our hospitals reaching the maximum occupational limit. “Brazil is collapsing,” Doria said in a video that her publicist posted on social media late this morning. “I will respect the position I occupy, even if it gives me popularity. We only have isolation to slow down the virus.”

The most restrictive measures were already counted behind the curtain of the São Paulo government, as it was not enough to contain the virus in the red phase. This Wednesday (10/3), São Paulo recorded 469 deaths and the country broke the record for deaths: 2,349. But not only this. It overtook the United States, which has a population of 55.9%, the number of new daily cases and the weekly moving average of deaths, and became the epicenter of the Kovid-19 in the world.

In Grand SP 86.7%, occupancy of ICU beds in the state is 87.6%, but it is feared that this will not be enough and doctors, nurses and technicians will not be able to work. In the video, Doria states that São Paulo had 3500 intensive care beds and a jump of 9,200. SP currently has 11,692 people hospitalized in ICU and 9,184 in wards.

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Says the governor, “Those who say that just to open new ICU beds, I say it is not. There are no health professionals to open so many beds and especially more beds.”

Doria’s announcement comes a day after former President Lula spoke on national grounds in the tone of a candidate for the plateau after Supreme Court Minister Edson Fachin announced his conviction. Doria, who had always planned to compete in the plateau in 2022, presents himself as responsible for bringing the vaccine against Kovid-19 to Brazil and recalls that the Ministry of Health should make more doses possible is required. “It was São Paulo that brought the vaccine to Brazil. We are helping save lives across the country.”

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