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Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark, brings several references to the games in the series. Production of Netflix. One of them occurs in the first scene, in which Leon S. Kennedy is with President Graham. When the character is introduced, the plot mentions that the protagonist saved the president’s daughter.

This is a reference to Leon’s trip to Spain to rescue Ashley Graham from the tormented residents of Las Plagas, as seen in Resident Evil 4.

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The production also offers a glimpse into Ashley’s happy and healthy future for the first time. A picture of the character appears in the Oval Office while the leader contemplates action against China.

The GamesRadar website also explains three other examples of game references. Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark.


Do you remember Tricell? Resident Evil’s megacorporation, with the help of Albert Wesker, played a key role in the events of the fifth game, helping to organize a new virus – Ouroboros. The company’s first move can be seen in No Esquero Absoluto.

final episode of the series NetflixIn this, Defense Secretary Wilson reveals his grand plan: to make the population dependent on virus inhibitors after the organism has been exposed in the first place.

In a state of great pain after defeat and exposure to the virus, Wilson meets a mysterious man. He is revived by a blocker in a silver briefcase. This briefcase has the Tricell logo on it.

raccoon city event

in the second episode of Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark, Jason and Leon share battle experiences, but only Jason gets . seen in the production plot of Netflix.

Talking about his experience, Leon refers to the incident in Raccoon City, which is part of Resident Evil 2. The game follows the story of the protagonist, a rookie in the police of Raccoon City, who is trying to fight a huge epidemic of zombies.

In In the Absolute Dark, Jason is shocked by the report, saying he felt the government had “sterilized” the city. Leon survived but remained unaffected by the traumatic experience.

voice actor back

a Netflix Could work the traditional route, and choose big Hollywood names to voice the protagonist Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark, but did not.

There’s a reason Leon and Claire’s voices sound so familiar. Nick Apostolides and Stephanie Panicello had previously voiced the characters in the Resident Evil 2 remake, and reprized their performances in the making. Netflix.

Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark already available on Netflix; Watch the production trailer below.

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