In an online event, Bernardinho, FA Gare and Daniel Dias stress the importance of physical education

In an online event, Bernardinho, FA Gare and Daniel Dias stress the importance of physical education

In addition to the Brazilian Paralympic swimmer with the national record for medals, athlete Daniel Dias and coach Bernardinho, Brazilian volleyball team player Fu Gare attended the opening of the Liga Nescu summit, a free online congress. In it all three testified about the importance of physical education for their careers in sports.

“I have a special affinity for my first teacher, Joss Wagner. When I started out, the big challenge for this teacher was to get me involved in physical education classes. And there was no easy way out, calling me for help or Gotta beep. He put me up to play football. The truth is no one wanted to pick me, and then I faced prejudice. I went in, played, and he asked other boys to play the ball for me. And with all that, I started to develop. Physical education was a wonderful moment and it made a big difference to what I was going through, but the sports equipment was fantastic. That physical teacher, a simple Playing football made a huge difference in my life. One time, I went odd or even and picked the team”, recalled Daniel Dias.

Danielle Dias while attending the event (Photo: Publicity)

For Fu Gare, physical education class was a long-awaited one, so much so that his friendship with his teacher extended beyond the courtroom.

“I remember Professor Carme in Porto Alegre. Physical education was a long-awaited class. I remember him fondly, who later kept in touch with my family. I believe he saw potential in me and then Thrilled how much I chose to be an athlete. I know how important physical education is and we must value the teacher, who is the soul of it all”, said the athlete.

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Another person who fondly remembers his teacher is Bernardinho. The former coach of the Brazilian volleyball team talks about his relationship with Benedito da Silva, which was fundamental in his career.

“My first coach, Bene, taught me a lot of things, but I confess that I often wanted to hit her, because she was too hard on me. Years later, I was already the coach of the women’s team, and so, her Understanding more, I dared and asked that every time I fight with my elder brother on the court, only I be sent to take a bath first. He replied: ‘If I send your brother off , so he will never come back. He was there just for leisure. You already wanted so much, that you came back every time. And I’m sure if I hadn’t challenged you and you didn’t resist the challenge If you had, with your little talent, you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere’, Bernardinho said.

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