In Bota’s Super Cup, against Napoli, Juve tries to defend – Prisma

In Bota's Super Cup, against Napoli, Juve tries to defend - Prisma

Typically, since 1988, to serve as the grand opening ceremony of each season of “Callisso”, this time the controversy for the Italian Super Cup accidentally fell on a date that was free. Due to Kovid-19, the entire football calendar in Europe was twisted, narrowed, with an absurd average of four crossings over nine days. Therefore, for the duel between Juventus, the winner of the “Scudetto” of 2019/2020, and Napoli, the winner of the Italian Cup of the same “Stagione”, the two left on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. The first round finals of “Nazionale” 2020/2021 mercy. Sad. Another decision without an audience.

In its 33rd edition, the Super Cup will be decided at Delty Tricolore, a multi-complex complex located in Regio Emilia, a city of 172,000 residents in the city of Repia Emilia, roughly north of the old boot. A luxurious company of ceramic products for construction and decoration, Mupi belongs to the Squizzi family, which also owns Sasuolo of Serie A da Bota. There is no standard seat for the Super Cup final. In the past, the feud has taken place on 19 occasions at home to the Serie A champions. But he has already traveled to China, the United States, Qatar, Tunisia and his most recent edition, that too on an unusual date, 22 December. 2019 was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Lazio therefore defeated Juventus 3–1.

The “Old Lady”, or “Zebra” of Turin, and “Donkey” from Terra da Pizza, landed in very different, almost adversarial circumstances, in the current controversy. The Juve comes from Milan’s defeat at Meiza, Internazionale 2 x 0, making it 33rd in the Serie A standings, 33 points, 10 points behind leader Millen. Napoli tapered Fiorentina, a rough 6 x 0 and climbed to 34 points in third place. The deputy leader, Inter, has 40 points. In fourth place, Roma has 34 like a donkey, but places them in a direct confrontation, as they lost to 0 X 4. It is true that Juve and Napoli still need to recover a game they did not play in Round 3 of 4 October. But, even though she survives the points of this conflict, “Lady” will be far from the dream of “Scudetto”, the tenth in the series. You need to go through a “revival”, almost, even, a resurrection, to reclaim a new spirit.

Juve’s coach Andrea Pirlo will carry a ton of problems for Regio in his travel bag. Their 3-5-2 basis was decided by Kovid-19, with key players such as Central de Ligt, Cuadrado and Alex Sandro. His Arthur-Rabot-Bentanur-Ramsey midfielders recorded 2 goals in only 77 accumulated matches. Wounded at the front, Durbala, top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo, has scored 15 goals in 14 of the 18 “Giornets” of the event so far. His partner वारlvaro Morata, however, scored only 4 goals in 13 matches and, worse, he was stopped 13 times. In Napoli, Ginnaro will be happy over Gattuso Mpi. Top scorers Insigne, 9 goals, and their partners Zielinski and Lozano look extremely happy. And with 40 goals, “Donkey” claims the second best attack of the tournament, behind only Inter’s 45. Gattuso promises constant pressure. Please tell that the tired and humiliated back of the tongue kept himself safe.

Here is the list of Super Cup winners:
With 8 wins: Juventus
Com 7: matching
Com 5: International and Lazio
Com 2: Rome and Naples
Com 1: Fiorentina, Parma and Sampdoria

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