In defense of women’s sport, adidas installs statues of athletes in London

In defense of women’s sport, adidas installs statues of athletes in London

The campaign will run till the first week of March in the Tower Bridge area

Newsroom – London(ing) Posted on 02/21/2022 at 11:15am – Updated at 11:17am

Adidas decided to further strengthen the role of women in sport through an action on the streets of London for the next few weeks. Report this Monday (21) game machine Tower Bridge in the capital of the United Kingdom was in the area, and saw the reaction of the public when they saw statues in honor of sports pioneers.

Statues of women in sports to be installed in London

The installation was found to be a way by the German brand to draw attention to the low protest of women in existing tributes to historical characters in London. According to research conducted by Adidas, only 4% of all monuments and statues in the capital are women. In 21% of establishments, men are the leading figures, while animals are also remembered the most (8%).

To try to reduce this disparity, Adidas has produced eight 3D sculptures made from recycled plastic materials from marine agricultural waste. Everyone respects one personality of the sports world. Among the women pictured is Vivian Miedema, an Arsenal football player; Aniola Aluco, football coach and commentator; Francesca Brown, soccer player and CEO of Goals4Girls; Ellie Goldstein, dancer and model; Emily Scarratt, rugby player; Tanya Compass, youth activist and activist; Asma Elbadawi, basketball player, poet and activist; and Sherri Silver, dancer, choreographer and UN Advocate.

The campaign is also an offshoot of the campaign launched by Adidas to launch a new collection of sports tops and bras in early February. The German brand is betting on the launch of multiple models to better suit each type of women’s body, in a first-of-its-kind action by a sports brand for women’s sports practice.

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The statues were placed on Tower Bridge this weekend. In early March, when International Women’s Day is celebrated, they will be relocated to another area of ​​London, a location that has yet to be announced by the brand.

Check out some photos taken by this Monday (21) report:

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