In pandemic, unemployed people turn to Uber as financial security

In pandemic, unemployed people turn to Uber as financial security

Unemployment was one of the main consequences of whose epidemic? COVID-19 for the Brazilian economy. While it is already recovering in the United States, which also had a higher number of people out of work in 2020, the rate reaches more than 14 million people here.

A study by Accenture Consultancy reveals that 62% of drivers and 54% The courier replied that he signed up for the Uber app during the pandemic because he could not find another job. 24% Of the interviewees who registered on the platform during the pending period were unemployed, and of those who had some job at the time of registration, 58% responded that they were working fewer hours or were already laid off Was.

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for 76% drivers and 85% For couriers, “easy access to a source of income” was one reason they started driving or delivering.

The study also revealed that 57% Partners who launched the app in the pandemic reported being ineligible or unable to receive government assistance.

Accenture also reports that 73% of drivers and delivery people agree that the platform acted as a safety net; 87% Said that without working on the app it would not be possible to meet the financial needs in the pandemic.

The research considered three sources of information: interviews with 4,941 drivers and deliverymen from six countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, France and the United Kingdom) conducted between March and April 2021; review of the literature on working across platforms; In addition to the analysis of Uber’s administrative data relating to the seven million partners connected to the platform.

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According to the study, “The Covid-19 pandemic caused the biggest economic blow since the Great Depression of 1929, which affected economies and labor markets around the world, with platforms to serve as a countercyclical stabilizer and a source of financial resilience.” Tested the ability to work on workers”.

As a result, the majority (73%) agree that “working on the platform serves as a financial safety net during the pandemic”. Similarly, the study shows that 87% of new drivers and deliverymen said that without work on the platform, it would not be possible to meet their financial needs in the pandemic.

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