In the 80s, Sergio Mendes must have told his life in a documentary


It is curious to hear that Sergio Mendes says that he missed time. “It was the worst time in the world,” he tells Estado, on the phone, from his home in Los Angeles. He, the composer who created a voice that struck Americans as “Brazilian grooves”, was more derivative than Boss Bova, an undisputed ambassador abroad until his version was released Nothing more, By George Benn, the album was released in 1966 Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 of Herb Alpert Present.

Sérgio, a salesman with a scary 1 million record time in the United States and the owner of a hit with high fingering power on the radio while The Beatles released RevolverTalking about the wrong time. it is not true. The time was right. It was, at the age of 0, at the age of 0, favorable to put an album full of special guests and new creations on the platform, to confirm that his voice still became a brand new, The generation is venerated by a broad arch of artists. From rappers to reggaetan stars who want him around.

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