In ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, ‘Will Smith’ Chris Gardner talks about the lessons from the pandemic and disputes what Obama said. To start

In 'The Pursuit of Happiness', 'Will Smith' Chris Gardner talks about the lessons from the pandemic and disputes what Obama said.  To start

Famous for telling his story in film”looking for happiness”, with interpretation of Will Smith, Chris Gardner We take important lessons from the last year and a half, when he, his family and the entire world had to deal with the pandemic.

in chat with Rico’s Chief Strategist Betina Roxo and XP . partner in Karel Luctic, During Expert XP, the speaker highlighted that, none of us want to be in this situation, yet she came up with important ideas The value we give to life, to health professionals Those who are on the front lines of fighting the pandemic, relationships and technologies. The world had to take a turn.

“Imagine if someone came up with an excellent idea to make everyone work remotely from the next day on January 2, 2020, they would think it was crazy. In 2020 we went through the phase that we had to go through, 2020 gave us showed what we can and can be. However, in 2021, when we can show what can happen. ‘Could’ suggests possibility, ‘May’ is a statement of fact. And Now that we know what we can do, it will be interesting to see what we are going to do from now on”, he said.

Therefore, he suggests that business professionals and entrepreneurs do their best and try to control variables that are within their reach, not those that are out of their reach. “The most important thing for the entrepreneur right now is to turn that vision into a reality that no one else can see, and to do so during a storm; this is true for people and companies”, he advises, And says that, he believes, this difficult situation should last at least another year.

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When asked whether these changes brought about by the pandemic could mean a change in the way people and companies see the world, in the sense of realizing, albeit late, that it is necessary Concepts related to the subject of environment and people care, sustainability or ESG (Social, Environment and Governance), Gardner emphasizes that he believes only by seeing changes.

“When someone says they are Concerned about ESG, I ask: why now?? Why in 2015, 2016 not in the past? Many people don’t know why”, he remarked. For him, The answer to this question has to be real in order to promote change. That, in fact, is what society and the environment need.

“We’ll find out soon whether these actions are going to be transactional or transformational. Without answering this tough question, companies couldn’t get started.” [por que agora?]. I challenge any CEO and say, let’s talk change, show me in your office how many people who don’t look like you can do your job. If you can’t answer this question, then we are talking about making a transaction, not making a change”, he explains.

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He defends that all Look in the mirror and ask what are you really doing to change the world?. He cites his work with young people in different countries and the strength and resilience he sees in the new generation that brings hope to the future of humanity.

He says that when he asked the president of a large American company why he was concerned about his impact on society at the time, he replied that he was challenged by his son.

“The young people we talk to are also challenging their parents, institutions and companies. They will vote that way and stop buying and investing in companies that don’t think so”, he explains.

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Gardner’s story is marked by resilience and resistance. In the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”, he faces a series of challenges to get some money to give his son a place to live and food to eat.

When asked during the event whether he believed the former President of the United States, in his lecture, that he was lucky and that those who are successful today were lucky, Gardner emphatically, but humorously, expressed his instincts. Disputes the attribute.

“First, be careful what you hear from any American politician,” he said with a laugh. “If you’re feeling lucky, we have a place in America called Las Vegas where you can use your luck. Luck won’t help either of us; we need to stay focused, committed, and help other people.” needs to be done”, he adds. And he agrees with Betina when she says that it is also important to be prepared when fate knocks.

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He gives advice to people – employees or entrepreneurs Keep your reputation impeccable because it will open doors and keep them open; know how to communicate well, because there is no use of the best product or service without communication to sell it; And cultivate relationships.

“Relationships can do what money can’t. Relationship can be more important than money And it has to include the relationships between employers and employees, customers and companies. In a world where businesses are very similar, everyone is nice and the gap between you and your competitor is small, companies that invest in relationships will take advantage of opportunities,” he concludes.

This year, he released a new book called “permission to dream“(permission to dream, in free translation), where it proposes to help people turn dreams into action.

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Chris Gardner and Expert XP 2021 — Photo: Event Expert XP 2021

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