In the United States, Luigi Vendramini prepares to fight at the UFC in June

In the United States, Luigi Vendramini prepares to fight at the UFC in June

Since winning their first UFC fight in October, Brazilian Luigi Vendramini’s life has changed completely. After his first win at the event, Luigi left everything for the suitcase and the United States, and devoted himself entirely to his fighting career.

Now, Vendramini is going to fight against Frenchman Ferres Ziyam on June 12 at UFC 263. In conversation with Metros, Luigi explained his new battle in training and organization on North American soil:

New routine
Luigi goes to his third fight in the UFC. With defeat and victory, Brasilence opted to move to the United States. Today, he trains on the Factory X team in Denver, Colorado. He talks about new challenges and new routines in preparation for fights.

“It is a huge life change. There I get temperatures of 5º, 10º degrees. The training load is also very heavy. And I changed everything. I changed my diet, I changed my way of training. And I will tell you that it has been a wonderful experience and changing my life, I am very happy.

Vendramini immediately took a break from the routine to move to the US in Brasilia to meet her family before fully focusing on her next fight.

Fight set
Six months after their last fight, in October 2020, in a technical knockout victory over Jason Ayari, the UFC defined the Fighter’s new rival to the Federal District: Luigi faced Frenchman Ferres Ziyam on June 12 at UFC 263.

He said, “It will be in the number one competition for the first time several times apart from Fight Night. Expectation is high because it is a struggle to win more places in the category. My opponent is a new guy, strikingly. But I am confident, I am very ready to give another show to Brazil and to represent Brasilia well. “, Says Brasilanes, who received a bonus of $ 285 thousand in his last fight as the best knockout of the night.

Ziam has a cartel similar to Luigi’s in the UFC and also goes for his third fight. “The Smile Killer” has 11 wins and three career losses at the age of 24. Mastery in striking, Luigi’s rival has a style similar to Brasilanes.

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In a category that has become so popular, a win could bring Luigi into the UFC rankings and into the fight spaces towards the top of the organization’s lightweight division.

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