Index – Tech-Science – Romanian hackers illegally mining cryptocurrency on hacked computers

Index - Tech-Science - Romanian hackers illegally mining cryptocurrency on hacked computers

Computers around the world are being attacked by a group of Romanian hackers discovered by researchers at cybersecurity and anti-virus software company Bitdefender – writing Main intersection. Apart from details of their methods and defense prospects, further details about the group were not disclosed, nor was it known whether they were being investigated by the competent authorities or whether they were able to conduct their attacks without any disturbance. could. On the other hand, it is known that within their application there is communication in Romanian and in English, and that Romanian names are used.

Hackers use attacked laptops and computers for illegal cryptocurrency mining, and an easy-to-crack password is enough to take control.

Many times the victims are not even aware that someone else is using the device, at most it seems that it is not working properly.

The Cluj-Napoca newspaper attracted attention.

Machines running the Linux operating system are used by miners to mine Monero, and a separate program has been developed to crack servers protected with weak passwords. Bitdefender drew attention to the importance of strong passwords, and it’s worth keeping the barely used communication protocol close.

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