India: With nearly 30 million infections, Caritas calls for solidarity

India: With nearly 30 million infections, Caritas calls for solidarity

The general secretary of Caritas Internationalis explains that Caritas staff and volunteers distribute food, masks, disinfectants and assist doctors every day, even risking their own lives, when the situation becomes more complicated every day And there seems to be no hope.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is unbelievable in India, where nearly 30 million infections have been reported so far. In addition, the country has recorded nearly 368,000 deaths, which numbers do not stop rising.

In this sense, caritas internationalis (CI) employee broadcasts Jacob’s moving testimony keritas Diocesan Church of Dindigul, Tamil Nadu State. In the short video, he recounts the tragedy of the local population, while in the background are images of patients hospitalized or treated in particularly pathetic conditions. At the same time, however, great expectation emerges from the narrative, as it demonstrates all the commitments that have been made to action by action. caritas, to help the population.

“That’s it keritas Does: give everything without hesitation – explains Aloysius John, Secretary General keritas international -. And that’s what Jacob and all the other staff and volunteers are keritas India does it every day: food, masks, disinfectants and assisting doctors, even risking their lives, even when the situation gets more complicated every day and there seems to be no hope”.

Aloysius John recalls that in India, the charity organization “initiated an immediate humanitarian response” to the pandemic, so much so that “thanks to the support of thousands of beneficiaries, it was possible to create 28 centers and 58 centers for more immediate treatment.” Critical treatment, where 2,384 patients were seen by medical assistants little faces”

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No less important is the commitment of volunteers, which is called “covid samaritans“, which “supports the needy by offering medical aid, oxygen, help for those hospitalized or sick, and comfort for the lonely.” In addition, the organization produced more than 35,000 masks, 35,000 meal kits and 22,000 medical kits. distributed.

“a caritas internationalis It seeks to keep its promise to unite with all those most affected and in distress”, concludes the Secretary-General, launching an appeal for charities that calls for “true hope for those fighting against COVID and its social consequences.” become”.

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