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Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani || Credit: Reproduction

Billionaires usually “return” to life-building museums, hospitals, and the part of the world acquired in such a way that they reward the universe for financial good fortune. Already Mukesh Ambani – India’s richest man and across the entire Asian continent – decided to do something a bit different: he wants to introduce the people of his country to the world’s largest zoo, which will soon be built in a region More than 113 hectares will be located in the Indian city of Jamnagar, which is close to the Arabian Sea.

Ambani, who is the CEO and largest shareholder in Reliance Industries, told a diversified group with interests in the oil and gas, telecommunications and retail sectors, about the recently ambitious project that he called “Greens Zoological Rescue and Rehabilitation Kingdom Name is set. “We will have everything, from birds around the world to reptiles and above all we will be an animal protection center”, promised the billionaire, whose fortune is estimated at US $ 83.1 billion (R $ 462.9 billion).

However, the idea of ​​the zoo was not his, but his 25-year-old son Anant Ambani. The young man has been fond of biology since childhood, and it did not take long for his father to convince him to land it. It is estimated that the Ambanis will require at least US $ 800 million (R $ 4.46 billion) for this purpose, an amount that is no big deal for them: only the residential complexes they are located in are Altamount Road area Mumbai , The largest city in India, is $ 1 billion and is considered the most expensive home on the planet. (By Anderson Antunes)

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