Influencer denies relationship with player after alleged betrayal

Influencer denies relationship with player after alleged betrayal

Influential and UK TV star Amber Gill has denied her involvement with Manchester City’s Jack Grealish. Amber appeared as the midfielder’s “third girlfriend”, following rumors that Grealish had cheated on his childhood girlfriend, Sasha Atwood, with actress Emily Attack.

The City player and girlfriend Sasha have a back-and-forth relationship, according to ‘Daily Star’ and ‘The Sun’. In one of the endings, Grealish will have meetings with Amber, who was rejected by her after news of the midfielder’s involvement with Emily.

According to publications, Amber may have even contacted Emily to understand if she is living in a love triangle. Now, the influencer has taken to Instagram to say: “All the relationships I’ve tried to build have always been ruined by stories like this.”

The publications also claim that Grealish has been seeing Emily Attack for a few weeks. The player reportedly explained to his current girlfriend, Sasha, that he and Emily are just friends, and received an ultimatum from the model: “It’s either me or him.”

Amidst rumors about his love life, Grealish trained with Manchester City while hiding from photographers. The player arrived at the training center with a hood, hiding from the press.

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