Inside the plaza, spectators were amazed as the Home Alone Hotel costs 23 23k per night

Inside the plaza, spectators were amazed as the Home Alone Hotel costs 23 23k per night
The cost of living in the plaza is $ 23,000 (Photo: Channel 4)

Viewers of the new Channel 4 series who explored the Plaza Hotel in New York could not get an idea of ​​how much it would cost per night for an executive suite.

That’s only 23,000,000 …

New program in New York entitled Christmas: Inside the Plaza in a very luxurious hotel took the audience behind them.

During one of the broadcasts tonight, we saw how the guests treated the five-star as the staff descended and went ahead to please everyone who set foot there.

Some guests asked for bouquets of roses on their bed or when they came for a bath.

Others decided to take a piece of the hotel home, which led to the theft of some of the crystals.

Because, why not?

Beautiful! (Picture: Channel 4)

Looking at Twitter, viewers couldn’t figure out how much it costs to stay in a hotel that is popular in Home Alone 2: Last New York.

One tweeted: ‘,000 23,000 a night? Some people have made more money than they understand! ‘

Another commented: ‘How much is it to spend a night in a magnificent plaza?’

While one added: ‘23,000 per night!?!?! wtffffffff. ‘

The Plaza Hotel on Home Alone 2 in 1992 and a spectacular view that everyone will remember will be in the lobby where Donald Trump gives a presentation.

And if you’re wondering, Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, stayed in Suite 411.

Available at Christmas: Inside Plaza More on New York.

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