Intel copied Apple by saying what Mac can’t do –

Intel copied Apple by saying what Mac can't do -

Days later Intel Start a series of standard To “prove” that their processors perform better Chip m1From Apple, it has now decided to fight (or bring back) the advertising world between Macs and PCs.

Campaign published on Intel’s official Twitter account “Go pc” (“Go to PC”) It currently consists of two general publications that highlight the unique features offered by hardware equipped with Intel chips.

In an announcement, Intel points out that the Macs are unable to play certain games such as Rocket League – an important point for gamers. In another, Intel highlights the fact that PCs support tablet mode, have touch screens, and are compatible with Stylus – Even if these functions are available on iPads.

Only a PC can supply power to scientists and players alike. #GoPC
Only offers a PC tablet, touchscreen and Stylus On a device. #GoPC

Also due to Intel’s announcements a video do Youtube John Rittinger, who compares laptops equipped with Intel chips to Macs.

This is particularly interesting for Intel citing Mac, as long before Apple did exactly the same with PC in its famous campaign. “Get a Mac”In the early 2000s – only looking at Windows. With this Time This is curious, as most Macs for sale are still equipped with Intel chips.

Between Apple and Intel, I favor the fight. 4

Via MacRumors

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