Intel launches the silent Core i3-10100F, ready to be the next budget gaming champion. Techniques / Instruments

Intel launches the silent Core i3-10100F, ready to be the next budget gaming champion.  Techniques / Instruments
The chip has recently emerged on Intel’s ARK website with its full features. – Picture by Soya Sinkau

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13 – Intel has quietly introduced the Core i3-10100F processor for desktops, which was strangely missing from the early 10th General Comet Lake Line.

The chip recently emerged on Intel’s ARK Website Complete with its full features.

We know that the new 14nm Comet Lake chip comes with four cores and eight threads at an accelerated clock speed of 3.6 GHz and 4.3GHz. With 65 W TDP (thermal power design), it has comparatively less cooling requirements which is great for budget makers.

Given the “F” suffix in the name, the new Core i3 processor does not come with integrated graphics. Despite this, there is a good chance that budget gamers will not miss it anyway as they are more likely to connect the processor to any different gaming graphics card.

Tom’s hardware Texts Intel said the Core i3-10100F will retail between USF 79 (RM327) and US $ 97 (RM401) but did not say when it will be available on store shelves. Will be.

Intel’s quad-core processor is expected to go against AMD’s Raizen 3 3300X, priced at US $ 120 (RM497). Team Red’s 7nm chip is based on its Zen2 microarray texture. It has four-core and eight-thread configuration. Contrary to Intel’s Core i3 offering, AMD’s Raizen 3 3300X has a 200MHz higher base clock and 10MB more L3 cache.

The table below shows how the Core i3-10100F compares to the Raisin 3 3300X in terms of Annex.

In addition, you won’t find any integrated graphics on the Raisin 3 3300X, which competes in the 65W category. The chip is also said to include a Worth Stealth CPU cooler.

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However, it remains to be seen whether Intel’s offer will be based on AMD’s performance. Matches, but we’ll have to wait for the official benchmark to resolve this issue.

The Raisin 3 3300X was last seen on store shelves shortly after launch but has been unavailable for almost five months. It clears the field for Intel’s Core i3-10100F and caters to the demands of budget gamers so that they can supply the chips. – Soycancau

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