Intel processor performance is modest on the leaked version of Windows 11

Intel processor performance is modest on the leaked version of Windows 11

Intel’s hybrid CPUs get a boost when compared to the W10

hey windows 1 1 Almost among us is, at least officially, a . In form of leak construction internet is available and even we played with him here. Website hothardware did some tests on Galaxy Book, equipped with notebook Intel lakefield and shows the result performance gainMILF for one more breath Processor Sankar Da Intel, which in this case is Core i5-L16G7.

For a more accurate comparison, the site listed 21h1 . run similar tests before building windows To compare with the leaked version of 10 windows 11. In tests conducted on Geekbench 5, the single-core of cpu hybrid of Intel Gained 2%, while multi-core went further up to a margin of 5.8%.

The Intel Core i5-L16G7 isn’t the ideal CPU for heavy work like 3D rendering, but the Cinebench R23 gives us an idea of ​​how far processor power goes. This time the biggest difference between Windows versions was in single-core with a gain of 8.2% and a negligible 1.7% in multi-core.

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Intel’s hybrid CPUs outperformed in the Future PCMark 10 benchmarks, simulating day-to-day workloads. In critical applications, the difference was 3.6% and the productivity gain was 9.3%. In digital content creation, the W10 version was ahead, albeit barely (2.3%).

Another test that a leaked build of Windows 11 lagged behind was on UL 3DMark Night Raid. Here we can consider the technical draw, as the difference does not reach one percent.

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Simulating Internet browsing, testing on Browserbench Speedometer 2 showed the highest performance on Windows 11 among all tested batteries, reaching a difference of about 10%.

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Even with performance gains in almost all tests, it cannot be denied that they are very sneaky. But there is an idea of ​​what might come with the new version of Windows in terms of performance. we talk Here According to rumours, Intel’s new generation, Elder Lake, may be nearing the Windows 11 release date and some optimizations specific to Intel’s 12th generation processors may be present in Microsoft’s new operating system.

Via: Neo Win, takepowerup Source: hot hardware

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