Interview with coaches, support for visuoli and integration: Sasaurus starts active management in Sao Paulo Football – 02/07/2021

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The Sao Paulo Club had a busy week behind the scenes. With the departure of Fernando Díniz on Monday, the last days had intense meetings, conversations and negotiations with coaches.

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President Julio Casare made sure to follow the regular race closely. Both Dennis’s departure and Brenner’s sale in the United States were decisions made in conjunction with the football department.

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Now, the focus is on defining a new coach. Casare directly attends meetings with coaches, usually by video call. Some names are favorites for the command, such as Portuguese Marco Silva and Pedro Martins, in addition to Argentine Hernán Crasto.

São Paulo is led by interim coach Marcos Vizzioli, who will have a mission to guarantee at least São Paulo in the Libertadores group stage. Casares spoke to the commander, to support him and show confidence. The conversation was considered positive.

In addition, the representative has given a lot to Bara Funda’s whistle and also visited Kotia to enhance the integration of Aadhaar with the professional. Casares has accelerated the exchange of information between regions. In fact, Aadhaar’s executive, Biosotope, has frequent contact with professional directors in the so-called “integrated football”.

Julio has also held meetings on other matters, mainly trying to ease the financial crisis, working for about 15 hours a day. Looking home, Sao Paolo is getting ready to face Brasileiro for the 35th round, next Wednesday (10), at 9am, in Morumbi. In fourth place is the tricolor, which has 58 digits.

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