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UOL – Have logistics companies also changed the way they relate to their customers today?

Luiz Roberto de Andrade Vasconcelos – The internal challenge of logistics was, for example, as the interior of the Amazon state to make products faster and reach more distant locations.

Logistics has been pleasantly challenged to be able to satisfy these customers and companies. If the product arrives in three days, now I want to get it in two. If it comes in two, now I want to get it in one day. If it arrives on the same day, I want to get it before 10 am.

This is human nature. We are always thinking that it was fast yesterday and it is not fast today.

What is the main business of FedEx in Brazil today?

FedEx is located in three main lines of business.

An international business, which is airplanes that leave Viracopos in Campinus, and connects Brazil with Memphis [Estados Unidos].

A business segment with warehousing and inventory control, which is logistics and in which we work for the means of payment segment.

And the most traditional business, which is the transport of domestic cargo.

What should FedEx invest in Brazil in 2021?

In the last seven months, we have opened seven new logistics distribution centers throughout Brazil, from northeast to south, from Bahia to Itazi (SC).

In São Paulo, we opened a new center in Cajamar with the ability to operate supermodern technology infrastructure and logistics customers, e-commerce customers, payment methods and general logistics customers.

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What is the most unusual item that FedEx has ever shipped?

Globally, we had very good transports like the first pandas that left China for the United States. We also transport ancient Egyptian artifacts, Super Bowl cups [principal liga do futebol americano]. This is a super long list.

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