IOC relies on mass vaccination of athletes for safe Olympics – 21/04/2021

IOC relies on mass vaccination of athletes for safe Olympics – 21/04/2021

With three months to pass until the Tokyo Olympic Games begin, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is confident that a large proportion of the athletes who will be appearing in the competition in Japan will be vaccinated during the program already. In many countries, Olympic athletes have been placed on the priority vaccination list, while in others, such as in the United States, vaccination has advanced to the point that it already reaches a large, if not a majority, of the Olympic delegation. .

IOC President Thomas Bak said at a press conference after a meeting today (21), “A significant number of participants living in the Olympic Village will already be vaccinated for their safety and solidarity with Japanese hosts.” ” Executive Council of Anga.

“We are also in touch with the National Olympic Committee (NOC), where there is no vaccination in the country and are trying to help. Some NOCs are also helping each other, and I hope that when our There are circumstances in some countries nearby. The population has access, that many of these countries are also going to open up and provide assistance to poor countries. IOC is doing everything we can.

In Brazil, the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) decided that, even if private procurement of vaccines was authorized, the unit would follow a national vaccination plan, meaning athletes would be vaccinated only when their turn came in line is. As of July, only athletes who are health professionals (primarily physical education) and who are part of the armed forces will likely be vaccinated if vaccinated by the military by then.

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At today’s press conference, Bach showed optimism for the Olympics to be safe. “In the last few months, 340 important events have been organized with 40,000 athletes and none of these events have spread the virus and none of these events have benefited from the vaccine. Olympic Village is a very safe for all Will be the location. ” he promises.

He reported that a second version of the “playbook”, which is the protocol for the prevention of coronaviruses, should be released next week, yet is not certain, but the Japanese news agency Kyoso News said the athletes should be subjected to trial . , With samples taken from saliva. For the first of three editions of the playbook, it was expected that athletes would be tested the most frequently every four days during their stay in the Olympic Village.

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