iPhone 14 could be the first iPhone without a physical SIM card

iPhone 14 Primul iPhone fara Cartela SIM Fizica

The iPhone 14 could be the first iPhone to be released without physical SIM card support, a radical change that Apple is already testing with prototypes for the next series, initially rethinking as much as possible for the iPhone 15 being presented, but looks like let’s see that early.

The iPhone 14 without a physical SIM card, with support for eSIM only, will be so radical that it will not be rolled out that it will initially be implemented only in the Pro model, while the cheaper models will still remain with support for older technologies .

The iPhone 14 could be even thinner if Apple decides to do away with the technology, which takes up enough space in the case, but it’s hard to say whether the model will be ready to launch this fall, especially with its offerings. Because other things depend.

The iPhone 14 can only be offered without physical SIM card support when mobile operators in all countries where Apple sells the phone allow customers to access their networks without inserting a piece of plastic into the phone to make it work. allows to do.

The iPhone 14 will be easier to use in Romania in the Orange and Vodafone networks, even if it is exclusively offered with eSIM, but it will be useless in the Telecom and DIGI Mobil networks for the time being as they do not offer support for this technology Which will soon be offered on all phones.

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