iPhone 14 may have periscope lenses for space zoom

iPhone 14 may have periscope lenses for space zoom

All Smartphones Over the moment Apple On SamsungHas excellent sets The cameras, But only Apple does not yet have lenses that allow Zoom At least 10x. The contestants use a technology based on the periscope, an optical device widely used in submarines, and which may now be in the way of the iPhone.

you Iphone Telephoto lenses already with 2x optical zoom, even if the most advanced smartphones led by multinationals Tim Cook Get a 10x zoom. The problem is that devices use digital processing to achieve greater distances, creating an artificial zoom that reduces the quality of the final image.

Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Which specializes in advancing news about Apple, believes Periscope zoom technology should hit iPhones in the mid-2022s, ultimately equating Apple’s phones with the best of Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei .

Rumors began to strengthen in July of last year, when Koo released the first information about future iPhone improvements. Although the analyst has not provided further details Apple Product Press It is speculated that the company is pursuing suppliers of periscope lenses, such as Korean Semco (Samsung Electro-Mechanics).

Negotiations with Semco will be advanced, but rumors say Apple will continue to use the current Zoom technology, provided by partner LG, until at least 2023, when it resolves patent problems among suppliers Will and will have to focus on “new” semico periscopic technology.

What is periscope lens?

The periscope is a very old optical device that works in collaboration with flat mirrors, separated by some distance and tilted, which allows an observer to see something even outside their field of vision. The device is an old popular culture widely used in submarines.

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With periscope zoom technology, a single lens on the back of the device reflects light to a system of tilted lenses inside the device. Cell, Until it reaches the camera sensor, as in traditional periscopes, but on a much smaller scale.

The advantage of using periscope lenses in cell phones is the same limitation that exists today in relation to the traditional zoom of cameras, which is achieved by telephoto lenses that move back and forth, and more to do the job. Ask for the location.

Periscope lenses can increase the zoom capability of a cell phone without compromising its thickness like traditional zoom lenses. In addition, the result gives high quality photographs even over long distances.

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