iPhone 14: What to expect from Apple’s biggest development in years

iPhone 14: What to expect from Apple’s biggest development in years

Together iphone 13 line ad few months ago, Apple Now preparing to announce the next series of smartphones. And as more and more rumors start to surface over time, leaks follow the path of anticipation as to what new things to expect for the new iPhone 14.

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iphone 14 e 14 max

In its next release, Apple should set aside compact smartphone bets given low sales iphone 12 mini I iphone 13 mini The company realized that there was no expected return from the investment, an act that should be the responsibility of one new iphone se,

With this the brand may adopt a new combination for the more affordable pair that includes the same screen size as the more expensive pair. Thus, we will have iphone 14 With 6.1 inch screen and iphone 14 max With 6.7 inch screen.

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(image: reproduction / apple)

To cut down on manufacturing costs, rumors suggest that these models should retain the same notch as the iPhone 13 lineup, with the speaker, camera and Face ID sensor condensing into a slightly narrower notch between the screen and the bezel.

With no details about the photo sensor, it is likely that Apple will introduce the new iphone 14 I iphone 14 max With the same set of two advanced rear cameras, which may eventually include a LiDAR sensor for spatial recognition.

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iPhone 14 Pro E14 Pro Max

(Image: Ian Zelbo / John Prosser)

The biggest difference should be for the most powerful and most expensive pair. According to very preliminary information from leaker John Prosser, Apple will merge the classic design Iphone 4 With latest format.

Such a combination would result in cameras aligned with the glass back cover, without the lens bulge, in addition to a return to the well-known squarer body and circular volume knobs.

(Image: Ian Zelbo / John Prosser)

Another major change will be for the front panel without the wide notch and only a centralized circular notch to house the front camera.

All of the Face ID facial recognition sensors will be moved to the bottom of the display, eliminating the need for a large screen crop and further updating the look of the iPhone.

12MP sensor end

(image: reproduction / apple)

Apple is using 12MP sensor in its smartphones since launch iphone 6s I iphone 6s plus in 2015. And they will eventually retire after 7 years.

12 MP sensors are still widely used today for their versatility: they have enough resolution for 4K photos and videos and produce excellent results year after year.

(image: reproduction / apple)

But Apple will need higher resolutions to offer 8K resolution, and so the company will have to jump straight to powerful sensors of 48, 50 or 108 MP, which will leave room for other improvements in still photos and videos.

Better performance in low light and night shooting is also expected, as is the use of sensor shift image stabilization technology by the photo sensor for minimal distortion.

Novo Chip Apple A16 Bionic Com 4nm

(image: reproduction / apple)

In 2020 Apple introduced the A14 Bionic chipset, introducing complex and efficient 5-nanometer lithography. This year the company introduced the A15 Bionic with an updated version of the lithograph, resulting in even higher numbers than a year ago.

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For 2022, Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 14 with a 16-nanometer A16 Bionic processor in a process developed TSMC,

(image: reproduction / apple)

While the performance details are still a mystery, the chipset is expected to show improvements in all areas, including performance, image processing, Neural Engine, even lower power consumption, longer battery life, etc.

With the huge advances in graphics processing of the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, it is likely that Apple will also produce the new A16 Bionic with more advanced graphics cores. iphone 14 pro I iphone 14 pro max,

When will the iPhone 14 be announced?

We are still far from the period when Apple usually presents its smartphones, so it is difficult to tell the exact date. However, if we don’t have any unforeseen events, such as what happened in 2020, then most likely the event to introduce the iPhone 14 line will happen in the first two weeks of September, with sales starting in the same year. month in selected locations.

More news is expected in the next few months and this article will be updated frequently based on the latest information.

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