iPhone alone earns more than Disney, Coca-Cola and Nike

iPhone alone earns more than Disney, Coca-Cola and Nike

A survey by the consulting firm Statista from the United States states that iPhone The most successful product since the Industrial Revolution. Launched in 2007, Apple’s cell phones have already grossed over US$1.5 trillion (R$8 trillion), taking into account the current exchange rate.

In 2021 alone, public data shows $191.97 billion in IP salesHonest, he was older than Joint Of the total revenue of Coca-Cola, Disney and Nike, which reached US$ 159.62 billion.

The consultancy compared sales of Apple smartphones alone with the total revenues of nine other companies globally: General Motors, Verizon, JP Morgan, Protege & Gamble, Microsoft; Disney, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Nike.

In 2014, the iPhone outperformed all the majors listed by Statista, losing first place to General Motors in 2015, but returning to the lead in 2017. Microsoft took the lead in the survey in 2019, but the following year, smart fone Apple was already winning again.

In a previous analysis, in 2021, the iPhone added about $192 billion in sales worldwide.

This was mainly due to the success of the cell phone, which Apple managed to make by early 2022, becoming the first company to be worth more than US$1 trillion, reaching US$3 trillion. For comparison purposes, Brazil’s gross domestic product (GDP), that is, the sum total of final goods and services, is just under US$1.5 trillion.

In addition to the iPhone, Apple generates revenue from the sale of MacBooks, AirPods as well as Song and games, and streaming In movies and series.

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