iPhone has a bug that can disable Wi-Fi forever. Cell

iPhone has a bug that can disable Wi-Fi forever.  Cell

A researcher found a bug in it iphone Able to completely disable Wi-Fi on mobile phones. Apple. According to Carl Shaw, responsible for the discovery, some networks with % symbols can name Permanently disable wireless Internet access, unless the owner takes additional measures.

Shaw shared the information in a tweet, in which he explained that when connecting the device to a network named “%p%s%s%s%s%s%n”, the connection via Wi-Fi was completely disabled . tasks like airdrop, which depend on connectivity, also got disrupted.

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In an effort to find an answer, the particular site 9to5Mac This suggests that the fact that The character “%” being used in programming languages ​​can affect the reception of information by system. By extension, it is worth mentioning that the percent symbol represents a command to save characters of a string, i.e. a sequence that makes up words and phrases.

Therefore, the network that causes this bug is passed to an internal library, which is responsible for formatting the string. This is where Wi-Fi detection can generate a command that can result in a buffer overflow (data overflow).

Apple has not taken a stand on the matter so far. The hope is that the manufacturer will send out a system update to fix the breach. Although this does not happen, the ideal is to avoid connecting to a network with this feature on.

with information from ledge I 9to5Mac

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