Is it possible to use two WhatsApp processors in the same smartphone?

Is it possible to use two WhatsApp processors in the same smartphone?
Undoubtedly WhatsApp is a great news site. But due to lack of support for two different accounts on the same device, the messaging platform does not allow users to access two WhatsApp numbers simultaneously on the same phone. However, there are many solutions to this. Both custom Android clones and third-party apps allow the use of two WhatsApp numbers on the same mobile. Here’s how to do it.

How to Use Dual WhatsApp Processor on Android Mobile Phones? Many Android phone makers like Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme, Samsung and Vivo are selling smartphones with their custom clones. These skins run on Android and bring some nifty features locally, including app cloning.

This feature is marketed by each vendor individually. I mean Xiaomi calls it Dual Apps. Oppo, Vivo and Samsung call these clone apps respectively. This allows you to duplicate apps like WhatsApp and use one for a different number. You can see how this feature works on different devices.

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How to use Dual WhatsApp on Samsung?

* Go to the Settings menu and select Advanced features
* Scroll down and tap on Dual Messenger.
* A list of apps compatible with Dual Messenger will be displayed. switch on whatsapp in it
*Tap to Install -> Read Notes and Tap on Confirm to proceed.
* There will now be a dual messenger icon on the bottom right of the cloned WhatsApp icon.

Dual WhatsApp account on realme mobile phone:

* To clone the app on realme mobile phone you need to go to settings
* There you can search for App Cloner or go to App Management -> App Cloner.
* In this select WhatsApp and select Clone App
* You will be given the option to rename the cloned app
* When done, you can use Dual WhatsApp on your realme mobile phone.

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Dual WhatsApp Accounts on OnePlus Mobile Phones:

* OnePlus users can go to their device’s settings. Then choose Utilities and Perl Apps.
*Alternatively, they can select Pearl Apps from the phone’s Settings menu.
* Toggle the button next to WhatsApp to clone it
* Next, follow the instructions for the cloned app to use Dual WhatsApp on your OnePlus mobile phone.

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Dual WhatsApp on Redmi mobile phone:

Whether you are using a Redmi, Mi or POCO smartphone, here are the steps to clone apps including WhatsApp:

* Go to setting on specific phone
* Select Apps and Dual Apps from the following screen
* If you are doing this for the first time, a preview screen will appear. Then choose Create to continue
* Then a list of processors that support app cloning will appear on your screen
* Select WhatsApp and switch to Dual Apps
* Now a message will appear on the screen. In it, select Enable
* Another message will appear on your screen saying dual application has been created
To access it, go to your mobile app drawer.
* The processor with the dual app icon on the bottom left of the icon will be your clone processor.

Dual WhatsApp on Vivo mobile phone:

* Go to the phone’s Settings menu and look for App Clone feature and select WhatsApp.
* Alternatively, a long press will appear on the WhatsApp processor to clone the app ‘+’ icon.
Then all you have to do is to open a dual WhatsApp account with your other WhatsApp number.

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Dual WhatsApp on Oppo mobile phone:

* Go to the setting page of you OPPO mobile phone
* Choose App Manager -> App Cloner
*Select WhatsApp and that’s it, you can open a new account for your other number.

How to Use Dual WhatsApp on iPhone

* Although WhatsApp Business Processor is for business operations and customer interaction, you can use it on the same mobile as your secondary WhatsApp account.
* WhatsApp Business Processor can be downloaded from the App Store. This app is also available on Google Play Store. This means that Android users can use up to three WhatsApp numbers on a single device by downloading the WhatsApp Business app through the above steps.
* The WhatsApp Business app settings are the same as the regular WhatsApp settings.
* However, due to the nature of the application, you will get additional features such as automatic replies, sending updates and adding labels to your contact list.

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