Isis Valverde Passes Supergirl Test on ‘The Flash’

Isis Valverde Passes Supergirl Test on ‘The Flash’

Apparently, several Brazilian actresses were approached by Warner and DC to play Supergirl in the film “The Flash”, which will debut in November 2022, starring Sasha Calle, Superman’s cousin. However, the role could live with one of the country’s most beloved actresses today: Isis Valverde!

According to columnist Patricia Kogut, from the newspaper Oglobo, the artist took the test and passed it, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, she could not travel along the closed borders, and as a result, she could read her lines for the team in the film. was unable to In Britain, roles are lost.

The columnist also stated that Isis and Claudia Rhea would jointly lead a series on ageism on Globoplay, titled “A Floor the Age”.

Bruna Marquezin also lost the paper

Bruna Marquezin could also be “Supergirl” in the next “The Flash” movie, which will premiere in 2022. In an interview with the Nipples podcast, the actress said that she came second in the audition. The character will be played by Sasha Calle in the feature film.

Bruna Marquezin revealed that she was highly praised in the tests and even took a chemistry test with the film’s protagonist, Ezra Miller. “I read it backwards. I memorized two scenes, prepared whatever I could and went to audition.” The information is from Splash, from UOL.

However, Bruna Marquezin said the pandemic was one of the reasons she did not get the role, as she was barred from entering London, England. “There was no way to go, he did everything possible. But that was not the only reason, it was his (Sasha’s) role,” she said.

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However, test results have made Bruna Marquezin feel confident to set filming for Netflix’s Maldives series, which debuts in 2022, and will have her friend Manu Gavassi in the cast.

Bruna Marquezin also revealed that despite not getting the role, she is still in touch with producing the feature. Will we soon have the marquezin in Hollywood?

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