“It’s Bolsonaro’s fault who didn’t buy the vaccine”

"It's Bolsonaro's fault who didn't buy the vaccine"

credit: reproduction/ @wcasagrandejr and @jairmessiasbolsonaro

This Friday (29) at the Globo Esporte event, Walter Casagrande, after the end of a report shown by TV Globo, returned to his position in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, denying a fake news Released last week by Jair Bolsonaro. When giving his opinion on the subject, the statue of Corinthians talked about the number of vaccines and deaths in Brazil, which grown up faster than last year.

“The vaccine doesn’t cause AIDS, that’s a lie,” Casagrande said. “The blame for so many deaths is on Bolsonaro, who didn’t buy the vaccine,” he said.

Casagrande already told about Jair Bolsonaro in advance

Recently, the TV Globo commentator had already positioned himself on fake news Vaccines linked to the disease, calling the current president of the republic a “liar”. This is because, in one of the governor’s weekly lives, Bolsonaro said that a certain study had proved the probable thesis.

“The official UK government report suggests that those who are fully vaccinated (15 days after the second dose) develop Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) much more rapidly than anticipated. I don’t mention it here Will read because I may have problems with my ‘live'”, Bolsonaro said.

Following the incident, the AIDS/HIV committee of the Brazilian Society of Infectology also issued a statement about the case, saying that Bolsonaro highlighted the information that there was no link between the vaccine and any other disease. According to the committee, it is recommended that HIV carriers be immunized with a booster dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine.

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