‘It’s duty to watch the situation in football’, says Ferguson on dementia among former players – sports

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Former coach of Manchester united And is considered a club legend, Alex Ferguson Football officials called for more attention to former players’ problems Madness, Which is believed to be due to frequent head jerks and head butts on the ball.

“It’s very sad. Bobby (Charlton) hasn’t been well for quite some time. Gates (for discussion) opened up with the death of Nobi (Styles) and the diagnosis of Bobby (Charlton). They’re huge figures. It’s awareness. Needs to be created “, commented on Ferguson in an interview with the newspaper Daily mail.

The former Scotland coach said, “We need to see what we can do. It is a duty to look at the state of football. People like me see for football that if we can do something, it will Have to see. ” The former Manchester United coach will be at an online event this January and will be accompanied by Liverpool idol Kenny Delglish and England coach Gareth Southgate to raise money for the fight against dementia.

“I don’t know what the PFA (Association of Professional Players of England) is doing, but the LMA (Coaches Association of the country) is concerned, and Richard Bevan (the unit’s executive director) has been fantastic,” he commented. .

However, Ferguson predicts that dealing with headers will be difficult, as they are traditional in sports. “Heading is a part of football that has existed for over 100 years, and you can’t get it out of the game. But I think it would be easier to reduce the headlines in training,” he said.

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Recently, the FA (Football Association, which regulates football in England) published a guideline stating that children under 11 should not practice the title in training. In Brazil, the CBF made a similar recommendation for children under 12 years of age.

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