‘It’s not right not to have a pre-season’

‘It’s not right not to have a pre-season’

John Textor is a majority partner in SAF botafogoconfirmed that he will be using the Botafogo B to compete in the Carioca Championship starting next year. After being eliminated in the semi-finals by fluminenze, due to another dispute involving Rio de Janeiro arbitration, the businessman announced the attitude for the first time on his social network. In an interview with the newspaper ‘O Globo’, he announced that the choice would be made regardless of the subject of the referee.

– I’m sure Farge has something to say about this, I don’t think they’re very happy with my comment, I haven’t read their rules, but yes, it’s a pact: I’m not going to speak up I am Team A. And I almost said about Carioca on Twitter: If you’re going to bring your B referees, we’re going to bring our B team. You could say I said so, but that’s not the main reason (laughs). I would have said it anyway, because it’s not fair to not have precision,” Texter explained.

In addition, the investor took the opportunity to elaborate on Alvinegro’s plans for the next pre-season. Textor intends to move the team to play in the United States as well as Europe to aid in the globalization of the brand.

“I’m going to do a proper pre-season, we’re going to keep people healthy, keep them safe, befriend them, take them to the States, build the brand, not just for commercial purposes. UK athletes Taking the team to Europe, playing with our system, against the Brazilian athletes. It will be a wonderful thing for the team and the fans and the perfect way to prepare for the season.”

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Next Sunday (10), Glorioso will face Corinthians At 4 p.m., in Nilton Santos, for the first round of the Brazilian Championship. The match, which will see coach Luis Castro’s debut at the edge of the field, could see new faces in the starting lineup.

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