“It’s OK to Be Dirty Sometimes”

“It’s OK to Be Dirty Sometimes”

Carlos Sainz won the US GP . Called Daniel Ricciardo dirty for maneuvering in

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Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz disputed their position inch by inch during the US GP, in a fight that started on the first lap and lasted for most of the entire race. With McLaren and Ferrari battling for every point on the constructors’ world leaderboard, the Australian managed to improve it and finished 5th, two places ahead of the Spaniard, who was still interrupted by the team in a pit-stop. And in the final laps Valtteri Bottas overtook him. However, a touch between them on lap 47 triggered an unfriendly reaction on the radio from the Ferrari driver, who accused the Australian of being dirty and deliberately hitting his car.

The McLaren driver was asked about the rival’s statement and ridiculed. “Oh, really? How cool,” Ricciardo joked at a press conference after the race. “I’m glad it was dirty. I’m a good guy, so it’s okay to be dirty occasionally,” he said

At the time, Sainz tried to overtake Ricciardo, aged 14, from outside, but the Australian defended the position and they both touched. Along with the movement, the Ferrari’s front wing was damaged, which damaged the Spaniard’s performance during the brawl.

After the trial, Daniels clarified his point. According to the pilot, Sainz himself risked a contact when he tried to cross the McLaren from outside.

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Daniel Ricciardo mocked Carlos Sainz’s complaints at the US GP (Photo: McLaren)

“I was told he had a breakdown. I think it was our touch until he hit some corner of the track, but my car was fine,” he said. “Of course you don’t kill someone intentionally, but that’s part of the race. When you step outside, you’re more exposed. So nothing was on purpose, but it was the risk that he tried to step outside.” of,” he explained.

After the controversy calmed down, Sainz acknowledged that Ricciardo’s move was acceptable and even admitted that he would have acted the same way. However, the Spaniard again deemed the touch unnecessary and said that Ricciardo could have avoided the situation.

“Without the touch, he would have been a clean save. It was just such a short contact, probably over the edge for me,” he said. “But if I was in his position, I would do exactly the same thing. Of course I would try not to touch him as it turned out, but the car that is inside has a right to push it out,” he said.

Carlos Sainz was 7th in the US GP, a position that could have been better had it not been for Ferrari’s fault in the pit-stop (Photo: Ferrari Media)

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“Just to explain it to me properly, he was in his own right when he did what he did, just the touch between us that I thought could have been avoided. That’s what caused my reaction on the radio, when we were very are emotional. Otherwise, it was a good fight, fun,” concluded Sainz, thus easing the controversy.

With the result in the US GP, Ferrari narrowed the gap to McLaren in the leaderboard, which is now only 3.5 points. With the Mexico GP in contention at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Formula 1 picks up pace again in two weeks.

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