‘It’s Ours’ should answer these 4 burning questions in season 5

this is us Is back with new episodes. Special for the award winning series this is us The season 4 finale provided some answers but raised more questions about the Pearson family’s past, present and future. Here are four questions about it this is us Going into season 5.

Chris Sullivan, Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Bra, N, and Susan Kalechi Watson on an NBC Universal Press Tour. By Chris Heston / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank Getty Images

1. What happens after Randall and Kevin’s fight ‘It’s With Us’ at the end of season 4?

this is us Season 4 ended with an argument for an epic ratio between Randall (Sterling K. Bra. N) and Kevin (Justin Hartley). Things that started with a disagreement about his mother’s care quickly turned into a screaming match.

Randall tells Kevin that his father, Jack (meet Ventimiglia), died of depression. Kevin responded by making an equally foul remark that adopting Randall was worse for the family than Jack’s death.

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Just before Randall’s arrival, Kevin learned that he was going to be a father. Given his and Randall’s argument that their mobility could be permanently altered forever, there is no need to say what Kevin did when we moved back inside Madison (Caitlin Thomson).

Did he say things that did not happen to him when his emotions were high? Did he promise to raise their twins together?

Meanwhile, what about Randall? Considering his history of anxiety, does the argument with Kevin lead to a story? Does it make his wife Beth (Susan Callachi Watson) more worried about how worried he is – or not caring – about it?

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2. Do Randall and Kevin match ‘It’s For Us’ in Season 5?

The next obvious question is whether the brothers are reconciling or not. His argument was the opposite of any controversy he had ever had.

“Some things can never fix their relationship,” he said. Flash-forwards show them meeting in the same room but there is nothing to indicate that they are back on good terms with each other.

3. Is Madison Kevin’s fiance?

Kevin told Kate (Chrissy Metz) that he wanted to go on the path of having children before marriage and on his 40th birthday, on the occasion of one year. Turns out, Kevin seems to be making it happen.

When the big three get together to celebrate their birthday, there is mention of Kevin’s fiance. One might assume that this is medicine but then there is a need to get dizzy and start again this is us Which encourages viewers to look forward to the sudden.

Caitlin Thomson as Madison in a scene from 'It's Our Us' season 4
In a scene as Caitlin Thomson Madison this is us Season 4 | Ron Batzdorf / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

So there’s no telling if Madison is actually Kevin’s fianc. Hopefully this is us Season 5 will keep an eye on the audience. Most likely it will provide the answer as well More Questions about Kevin’s love life.

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4. What is Nikki doing in Rebecca’s bed in the future?

Another major development in this is us The end of Season 4 was Jack’s brother, Nikki (Griffin Dunne), sitting next to Rebecca, who appeared on her death bed.

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Many years after doctors identified her with a minor cognitive impairment, Miguel (Joan Hurtas) is nowhere to be seen and Nikki is wearing a wedding ring. Is Nikki married to Rebecca or someone else? Viewers don’t know though there are fan theories about Nikki’s ring.

Watch the special two-hour premiere this is us Season 5 airs on October 27, 2020 at 9pm on NBC.

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