Netflix goes against the royal family and dismisses the warning that The Crown is fictional

Netflix contraria família real e rejeita aviso de que The Crown é ficção 16

Now or never, Crown The taste of the royal family did not decline which the series proposes to portray. But Netflix ignores the controversy. The streaming giant rejected the idea of ​​putting a message before the episode warning viewers that it was a fictional story, not a documentary about Queen Elizabeth and her relatives.

The alert proposal came from Britain’s culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, who wrote a letter to Netflix last week asking the company to inform its 195 million subscribers that The Crown was “partially a work of fiction.” is”. It did not stick.

The streaming service said in a note to the Deadline website, “We always treat Crown as a drama series, and we believe our subscribers understand that this is largely fiction work based on historical events.” “Because of this, we have no plans – we don’t need to add this warning -“.

The contents of Dowden’s letter to Netflix have not been revealed. In an interview with The Mail newspaper last Sunday (29), he also praised The Crown. “It is a very well constructed work of imagination. And, like so many other attractions, Netflix should clarify this early on that it is. Without warning, I fear that viewers who have not experienced these events may mistake them for the real facts, ”he warned.

Although The Crown proposed to do a romantic version of Elizabeth’s life from the beginning, the fourth season angered the British royalty for introducing Diana, played by Emma Corinne. The princess is acclaimed by the public, and the presentation of her love triangle with Charles (Josh O’Connor) and Camilla (Emerald Fennell) did not fare well among the subjects.

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Netflix goes against the royal family and dismisses the warning that The Crown Fiction is 17

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