Jack Arietta’s best start in a long time in another full team effort from the Red-Hot Phillies

Jack Arietta’s best start in a long time in another full team effort from the Red-Hot Phillies

Jack Arietta got off to his best start in a long time and showed once again with a late play rally in Friday’s 5-3 road winning match after a match under Phillies’ command.

Arieta allowed two runs on a homer by Michael Confroso in seven innings but he had a lot of nights. It was the first time in the early 20’s that he had completed seven innings.

He gave up a two-run lead but was thanked for coming under Philis’ order. Starting with Bryce Harper in the eighth over, Phil Goslin doubled the lead with a single from ninth-homer Roman Quinn to top the seventh.

In the last 21 days, Quinn has helped the Phillies win three different games late with their speed, their defense and now the clutch hit.

In the eighth, the Phillies did the best teams and added insurance through two singles, two walks and a base-loaded pitch. This proved to be valuable with Hector Nerez’s shaky eighth innings (two hits, walks, runs).

Rhys Hoskins played a game-saving defensive play in the eighth, a dive catch on a line drive by Todd Frazier that would have been a two-run double.

The Phillies have won 10 of 11 matches for the first time since 2011. They are 19-15 on season. They are 10-0 up against the Citizens and the Mets.

They are 20 games ahead of the Marlins for second place in the NL East, a playoff spot this year.

One night Arieta is needed

Arieta performed well from the youngest age of his main-league career.

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He started the night with a four-scoreless innings. He knocked out Jeff McNeil for two runs in the fourth over. McNeil has been on fire this week but has not been comfortable in that bat.

The pitch Arietta paid for was a 90-mile-per-hour sinker that grabbed too much of the plate against Conforsto, who crushed it in the left center to tie things in the fifth.

He bounced back to finish the innings and faced the least in the sixth and seventh.

Arieta has made seven starts. Three are good, three are bad, one is right. He has a 5.67 ERA.

Workman’s best work ever

Brandon Workman made his debut as a 1-2-23 Philly for his fifth save. He allowed multiple baseballs in the first seven innings with Phils but was caught in 14 of 18 overs.

Bohm is settling in defense

After making several mistakes in an innings on August 21 in Atlanta, the looting third baseman Alec Bohm changed all 27 plays in his own way.

Little night for Harper

Bryce Harper, who played 32 of Phillies’ 33 games as of Friday, was given an overnight leave by manager Joe Girardi. It was Girardi’s decision and he said hours before game time that Harper “Probably not really happy with me

Harper is 7 for his last 45 runs and his batting has dropped 91 points in two weeks. He has been a key player for the Phillies with his defense and bassing, and he has been based on .365 clips despite his .156 batting average during his stint.

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Harper is not the only Philly. Jetty Realmuto has beaten .211 in its last 16 games.

Upcoming pitching plans

Things are going to be weird going around in Philly. They have three doubleheaders next week and need seven starters during this 10-day stretch. More here On how rotation can be aligned.

Spencer Howard, Aaron Nola and Jack Wheeler will play the next three matches of this Phillies-Mats series. Sunday afternoon will be Nola vs. Jacob Degrom.

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