James White’s father and Miami-Dade police captain were killed in a car crash

James White's father and Miami-Dade police captain were killed in a car crash

White, the father of the NFL’s New England Patriots running back James White, was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the office, his wife Lisa, who was in the car, and another man were taken to hospital. Lisa White is hospitalized.

The Broford County Sheriff’s Office said representatives responded to the scene of the two-car crash in Cooper City, Florida, where they found one car on fire and the other on fire. First responders provided emergency medical assistance and extinguished the vehicle fire.

Shortly before Sunday night’s Patriots game, James White was called off for his team’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. After a game-changer, White’s teammate Devin McCorty ran to a camera in the end zone and shouted “2-8, we love you, brother!” James White is number 28.

Tom Brady, a former teammate of James White, was one of many in the NFL community community who expressed sympathy for the White family.

Brad said on Twitter, “Saddened by the news of the tragedy of my great friend and forever teammate @SweetFit_White. There are very few people in your life who do everything right. “Brady said on Twitter. “James is one of them. Kind, gentle, loving, competitive and hardworking. His parents gave birth to a wonderful son. And we are all saddened by James because he is going through this difficult time. You love my friend. Do. “

Investigators from the Bravard County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the crash.

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