Jared Leto reveals his character’s plot details

jared leto como morbius

Jared Leto gave an interview to time limit To talk about his latest movie “Morbius”. The actor revealed that his character, a vampire, goes through 3 transformations throughout the film. For Jared, it was the perfect role for him, as he can explore different sides of the same man.

“Morbius gave me the opportunity to have this character who actually undergoes three important transformations. He becomes quite ill looking for a cure … then finds it and becomes more powerful and stronger than ever. And finally, there is another transformation. It was the perfect role for me. To be honest, I really loved it, ”said the actor.


It was not this time! sony pictures Decision to postpone anti-hero film for the seventh time”morbius“. Since 2020, the film has been postponed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The production was scheduled to hit theaters across the world on January 28.

Sony chose this option because it has made great strides in its version of the coronavirus, Omicron we at the last minute.

In the statement issued by the company, the tentative date of launch has been given till the first day of April. So it seems that fans of Jared Leto And the universe of superheroes has to stop worrying!


The film, which serves as a spin-off of Spider-Man and takes place in the same universe as Venom, will star Jared Leto. On Instagram, the actor published a backstage photo in which he is seen with his long hair behind the clapperboard.

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“1 week gone, 11 to go,” he wrote. Morbius tells the story of Michael Morbius, a biochemist who turns into a vampire during an experiment.

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