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Best Western Conference Campaign and Overall NBA, Utaj jazz Achieved a historic feat by beating home on Tuesday Boston Celtics By scoreboard 1210 108. The win marked the best start to the regular season in the history of the Salt Lake City franchise (20 wins and five defeats), featuring 1996/1997 team feats, including Carl Malone and John Stockton.

With away from home, Celtic dropped to fourth place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 12 wins and 11 defeats and ended a five-match series on the West Coast of the United States, where they won only two.

Donovan Mitchell was the scorer of the match with 36 points, with four rebounds, nine assists and two stumps. French axle Rudy Gobert scored a “double-double” (two points on two bases) with 18 points and 12 rebounds, in addition to three blocks.

For the Celtics, Jaylen Brown was the team’s top scorer with 33 points and eight rebounds. Jason Tatum scored 23 points and four rebounds and four assists in the match. Komba Walker again disappointed with just seven points and seven assists.

At Michigan, after a four-game loss, the Detroit Pistons returned on their way to victory. Despite the balance, he controlled the score from start to end, taking advantage of Kevin Durant’s absence and beating the Brooklyn Nets 122 to 111 at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.

The game’s great attraction, Jeremy Grant, commanded the Pistons on either side of the court and finished the game with 32 points (the highest point of his career), five rebellions and four assists. In addition to him, good performances by Delon Wright (22 points, four rebounds and nine assists) and Mason Plumley (14 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists).

The Nets’ side duo Kerry Irving (27 points and seven assists) and James Harden (24 points, six rebounds, 12 assists and five blocks) faced the main rival and the basket.

In Texas, on a big night, along with Stephen Curry, Drymond Green, Damian Lee and Kelly Aubrey Jr., the Golden State Warriors beat the San Antonio Spurs 114 to 91. Curry, once again, determined the California team’s attack with 32. Points. Green added six points and 11 assists. Lee added 11 and Oubre added 12 points.

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Detroit Pistons 122 x 111 Brooklyn Nets

Miami Heat 98 x 96 New York Nax

New Orleans Pelicans 130 x 101 Houston Rocket

San Antonio Spurs 91 x 114 Golden State Warriors

Utah Jazz 122 x 108 Boston Celtics

Portland Trail Blazers 106 x 97 Orlando Magic

Sacramento Kings 111 x 119 Philadelphia 76ers

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Dallas Mavericks x Atlanta Hawks

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Memphis Grizzlies x Charlotte Hornets

Minnesota Timberwells x Los Angeles Clippers

Chicago Bulls x New Orleans Pelicans

Denver Nuggets x Cleveland Cavaliers

Phoenix Sun x Milwaukee Bucks

Los Angeles Lakers x Oklahoma City Thunder

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