JBS US employees have to manually chop meat as machinery stalls after hacker attack, agency says. agribusiness

JBS US employees have to manually chop meat as machinery stalls after hacker attack, agency says.  agribusiness

employees of JBS No Texashandjob America, he had to go back to using the knife at workBloomberg news agency says. Implementation of manual work after the company suffered a loss cyber attack, last Monday (31), which halted operations in the country, Canada and Australia.

In a note to the agency, the company’s US CEO, Andre Nogueira, said that JBS and Pilgrim’s Pride “continue to make significant progress in restoring our IT systems and returning to business as usual.”

Employees at the Texas unit reported that workers are carrying out processes ranging from knife sharpening to speed control of the production line, with machines returning to work without all machines ready for it.

For them, logistics tasks like packing and accounting for cattle, along with manual operation, become a challenge.

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Wendell Young, head of the local union United Food and Commercial Workers (UCFW), said this type of work should continue in these early days after the attack, until it is ensured that all machines are working properly. , which represents 1,500 meat-packing. Members of JBS.

In addition to various functions, Employees are concerned whether their personal data has been compromised by the attack. The company claims that it has no evidence that the data of customers, suppliers or employees has been leaked.

“Everything is controlled by the computer. If they can’t reach them, they can’t run,” said Eric Reeder, president of UCFW in Omaha.

All IT systems were shut down on Monday as soon as the attack was detected.. According to the company, the criminals may have used ransomware, a virus that hijacks access to the victim’s computer, which is returned only after payment.

JBS claims that its backup servers have not been hacked.

These systems are essential in meat processing plants because computers are used at various stages of production, including billing and shipping.

On Tuesday night, JBS reported that systems were already working again and that slaughterhouses in the affected countries were resuming production.

hey G1 Contacted JBS and did not get any response till last update of this article.

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