Jen Carla sets indoor Paralympic archery world record

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Brazilian Jan Carla broke the indoor world record for Paralympic archery at the Nimes tournament in France this Saturday (22). Still in the qualifying stage, she scored 591 points out of a possible 600 and, thus, surpassed the previous record of 583 points belonging to Italian Maria Andrea Virgilio. It was the fourth time Jen Carla broke an indoor record in a game. Jen Carla’s next challenge will be the Archery World Championships which will take place in Dubai in February.

winter sports

Kristian Ribera won runner-up at the Paralympic Snow Sports World Cup in Norway last Saturday. Cristian Ribera won the silver medal in the cross country paraski sprint event.

This weekend, Beijing began receiving its first local delegation for the Winter Games. Delegations include athletes from Switzerland, Canada, Australia and the United States. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics begins on February 4, the date of the opening ceremony, and runs until the 20th.


This weekend, in Crisiama, Santa Catarina, the first leg of the season’s STU National takes place. Luiz Francisco, known as Luizinho, confirmed his bias and took first place, scoring 77.33 points. Among women, Raika Ventura finished best in the semi-finals.

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This Sunday (the 23rd) took place the Storm Riders, a road cycling event that is part of the city’s celebration of the city of So Paulo on 25 January. Marcio Ferreira and Gisele Gasparotto won the dispute over a distance of 80 km in the aristocracy, and were anointed king and queen of the frontier.

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