Jennifer Lopez to star in documentary ‘Halftime’

Jennifer Lopez to star in documentary 'Halftime'

Jennifer Lopez shine in the halftime show Super Bowl 2020 with Shakira, It is the most-watched program on television in the United States and a highly sought-after venue, being a unique and special moment in any artist’s career. Two years after the big show, JLO Will show you behind the scenes of everything that happened in “Halftime,” a Netflix documentary that premieres June 14.

Although the title implies that the focus will only be on the Super Bowl, it will not be exactly the same. Cameras will follow the star through the major recent episodes of her career.

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Netflix has issued a statement explaining what the documentary will look like. ,Halftime offers an intimate behind the scenes look at what makes Jennifer Lopez the icon that made Jennifer Lopez the icon she’s been in, from her performances on screen and on stage around the world to her show at Super Bowl halftime, most recently I Can Be President. , The documentary focuses on an international superstar who has inspired people for decades with his perseverance, creative talent and cultural contribution. and it’s just the beginning“, he says.

Note continues: “Halftime serves as the beginning for the second half of Lopez’s life as she reveals her growth as a Latina, mother and artist, taking agency in her career and using her voice for a greater purpose. does.,

It should be noted that last year Jennifer Lopez Closed an exclusivity deal with Netflix through its production company Nuorican Productions, ,Let’s go to Netflix! The best is yet to come“, celebrated the artist on social media. Upcoming films such as “Shotgun Wedding” and “The Mother” (untitled in Portuguese) are already scheduled.

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About Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a singer who manages to stay relevant for decades in both film and music. She debuted as an actress in the 90s and in 1999 she released her debut album, which featured hit after hit. Since then, she hasn’t stopped and has remained strong in both the branches of her career. She was also successful as a judge on television.American Idol“And making your own reality show,”world of dance,

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