Jets Drive for Tatore Lawrence is still alive after an unforgettable loss to the Patriots

Jets Drive for Tatore Lawrence is still alive after an unforgettable loss to the Patriots


‘Lockdown’ is the word for the year 2020 by Collins Dictionary

In a defining moment of the year 2020, “lockdown” is the name given by the Collins Dictionary of the United Kingdom to the 6,000 percent of its usage. Meaning, “Strict restrictions on travel, social interaction and access to public places”, the word publisher has spread to all corners of the world, publisher Harper Collins said, “It is an experience of unity of billions of people. The world has to play its part collectively to fight the spread of Kovid-19. “Governments have joined hands to implement measures to prevent the spread of Kovid-19,” said Lakda Down, adding that 4,000 were used in 2019 and 250,000 in 2020. In fact, the coronavirus epidemic has been so linguistically widespread that by the year 2020, six of Collins’ 10 words are linked to a health crisis. In other words, “social distances”, “furloughs”, “key workers” and “self-differentiated.”, As well as the word “coronavirus” in itself. “Language is a reflection of the world around us and 2020 Is dominated by the global epidemic, “said Helen Nietet Stade, language content consultant at Collins. NCH ​​stockpile PM Boris Johnson announces new lockdown for England as rare as toilet paper, pasta, yoga mats free as Europe fights Covid-19 It is not the word of the year to celebrate, but perhaps, it is the year that fills the year for most parts of the world. ”Other words to compile a year of dictionary words refer to the social and political events that mark 2020. In summary, BLM, citing Black Lives Metro protests, saw a 581 percent increase this year, while Ticker Tucker – someone who created videos for the social media platform TickTock – entered general use. Next was “Magsit”. , In the context of the removal of Princess Harry and his wife Meghan from royal duties.

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