Joe Biden will be the 1st stinging president in American history and it’s very important

Joe Biden será o 1º presidente gago da história dos EUA e isso é muito importante

George VI was the king of the United Kingdom for 16 years and was featured in the film King’s talk, Needed to face a complex and profound character during his government: stuttering. The current Queen Elizabeth II’s father suffered from a severe case of dysphamia, the technical name of this speech flow disorder, and had to overcome it to speak, speak, and claim himself as king in Parliament. He was not, however, a mere stammering politician: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill also suffered from stammering, and even Emperor Claudius, who ruled the Roman Empire from 41 CE to 54 years, was a stutterer. Was. With the election of Joe Biden to the presidency of the United States for a new chapter in history – yes, before making a career in politics and, therefore, naturally to become a speaker, the 46th US President was a There was a person to stutter.

According to him, when he was younger, the only phrase Biden could say without stuttering was a request that they pass the ball to him – shouted on the field, his football at Archmere High School in Clemont, Delaware For teammates. He grew up. Success in the game, along with intense training outside the field – in which he read poems aloud – helped Biden build his confidence and thus overcome the condition. “The game was as natural for me as talking. Sport became my passport to be accepted. I was not easily intimidated in a game, even when I stumbled, I was always the guy who said: pass the ball for me ”, he wrote in his memoir.

At the Democratic Party convention on August 20, 2020, a 13-year-old stole the show from afar to talk about Prerna Biden, who is also a stutter. Breyden Harrington met Biden at a campaign meeting, and was thrilled to find that they were both “in the same club” as he said.

He said, “It was unbelievable to find that someone like me had become the Vice President. He told me about a book of poems [poeta irlandês W.B.] Yeats, which he read out loud, and how he marked the hardest parts to facilitate reading aloud – and I did that today, ”said Harrington on the video.

Breyden Harrington and Joe Biden are together reading Yates © Reproduction

According to Biden, the experience of stuttering was crucial to his personal and even political, development. “I learned a lot from stuttering. It made me pay attention to other people’s pain. The suffering of other people. It made me understand that everyone – everyone – is struggling to overcome something, and sometimes trying to hide something, ”he said in a recent speech. The first stammering president of the United States will assume office on January 20 – when he will deliver a historic speech that will be broadcast live to millions.

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