John Romero once and for all confirmed the name of ‘Doom’ Pratap

John Romero once and for all confirmed the name of 'Doom' Pratap
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If you’ve ever wondered what the name of the alleged Doom hero is, we’ve got ourselves a definite answer from the Creator. One of Dom’s fathers, John Romero, has given a clear answer to those curious as to who should call the sea who can clear the foreign value of a planet.

During a brief session on Twitter, Romero responded to a fan, @Firithapanda, who asked what Doom Guy’s name was: “BJ Blazekoviz, Flynn Taggard, John Kane, or what?” Romero was quick to answer.

“Doom Gay is called Doom Gay,” he wrote. Now we know the correct spelling and the correct name. Case closed!

Of course, the role lives up to the different names that were given to the character earlier. In past Doom novels, Doom Guy was known as the Flynn Taggart. In the Doom 3 novels, the Doom Guy was named John Kane. Others believe that he is, in fact, a Blazkovic, similar to the Wolfenstein Games family names. This was made even less clear when Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal began, referring only to the character “Doom Slayer.”

Now, Romero has straightened us all out, and there’s no reason to wonder what the real name is. With that in mind, it’s time to wait for the first DLC pack to be available later this month. Ancient God: Part One Led by a new standalone spread across all platforms, Doom is on forever. It should offer a slaughter of demons with Doom Guy (as John Romero wants it to be) and many catharsis from anger have undoubtedly endured differently for us all week.

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