Journalist cards, chases, harasses and threatens TV colleagues – 02/14/2021

Journalist cards, chases, harasses and threatens TV colleagues - 02/14/2021

At least six female journalists working on TV stations such as Globo, the band and SBT, on social networks and on the phone have been harassed by reporter Bernardo Lima, a 30-year-old who owns a web radio covering itself in Minas Presents as Jeris. The report ranges from aggressive and recurring crimes and comments to threats of exposure to false stories.

One of the journalists claimed to have had a Facebook password discovered by Bernardo, threatening to publicly reveal the story he had discovered. Another professional says that the reporter also commented to an acquaintance that he would like to kill him.

The women’s report, which decided not to file a police report, shows a pattern of behavior: Bernardo approaches them as a professional aide for the first time, showing appreciation for the work of journalists and often communicating until uncomfortable Insist on. When he is ignored or blocked by journalists, he begins to behave according to them, such as a “hater” and a hunter.

Reportedly, most of the reporters sought told Bernardo’s approach under the condition that his names have not been revealed. A journalist from Minas Gerais says that he had his first contact with the man around 2010, when he formed a fan club in his honor.

“Suddenly, he started mocking me for teasing me,” she says. Bernardo then contacted the wife of a colleague of the journalist on the Internet and told him that the two would be lovers. The wife did not take the story seriously. “But he called me worried because he [Bernardo] Told that he was already my boyfriend and wanted to kill me. “

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The professional did not make a formal complaint, but says she sought help from friends, who spoke to Bernardo and stopped him from harassing her.

Wanted by sport To comment on the report’s content, Bernardo Lima did not comment (see below).

Other journalists who know the reporter in person often hear him saying that he “hates feminists”. Bernardo has already trained in person at volleyball and MMA events as well as at local football clubs. In 2016, it also covered the training session of the Brazilian football team in Belo Horizonte.

In 2018, he incorrectly accepted the card of Associação Mineira de Cronistas Esportivos (AMCE), according to an email exchange for which the report was used. In the messages, Bernardo justified the forgery, saying that he needed to defend himself from attacks by allies of the press, on the grounds that he was “falling prey to profanity”.

Since then, AMCE has been refusing all attempts at recognition by Bernardo. The organization claims to have received several complaints against the journalist’s behavior, but says nothing can be fixed as he is not affiliated.

“Picture and post of your ass”

Two weeks ago, Globo journalist Livia Laranjira posted a comment made by Bernardo on Twitter in a photo of herself. In the message, the man says he will “picture your ass and post”. Bernardo wrote, “The idea is not harassment but plunder, you fall into hemorrhoids,” he claimed, using a media outlet’s account – the report only confirmed the formal existence of one, “Webb radio Football BH ”(details below).

Globo reporter Livia Laranjira condemned the message received by journalist Bernardo Lima

Image: Reproduction

In the Post, the Globo reporter said that he has already denounced Bernardo, “but nobody does anything, and he introduces himself as a journalist and qualifies for sports coverage.”

Another Globo journalist, who spoke privately with the report, said that he had already received several messages from Bernardo from several different cell phones. “I blocked it, and he sent for another.”

“They threatened me that they knew I had an affair with another reporter and would tell everyone. Only this story was a lie. They told it wrong,” the report states. She was then surprised when Bernardo sent her her Facebook password. She says she doesn’t know how it happened.

“He’s been harassing me since 2014”, says band reporter

Yara Fentoni, the band’s reporter, says she has received Innosportune messages from Bernardo since 2014, despite never being harassed or bullied. At the time, she was working on a sports program on TV Horizon aired by Rede Kral in Minas.

“He searches for my cell phone one at a time. He asks for a job. He says he wants to go to the programs where I work. Tell me not to ignore that he’s my professional partner . Then he criticizes the stories she saw. ” Really bothers you ”, says Yara.

Journalist class joins up with criticism of the union

In August last year, Bernardo registered as a personal micro-entrepreneur with the fantasy name “Micro Radio Soccer BH”. In a profile published by the website “Portal dos Jornalistas”, he claims to have worked on the web radio TV Esporte Minas (accounts used in communications with Livie Laranjira above), and Esporte B.H.

On the same site, journalists have claimed to have published a “critical scoop” (exclusive report) on the hiring of players such as Leandro Dumio and Joel for Cruzeiro, and Lucas Prato, Allen and Guerherme Arana for Atlético-MG These clubs are not recognized by the journalists covering them.

Bernardo Lima's Tweets - Reproduction - Reproduction

Bernardo Lima says he had training for the Brazilian team with ABJ Card

Image: Reproduction

Constantly questioned about his professional performance, Bernardo joined the Brazilian Association of Journalists (ABJ), which declares itself as “the only national journalist entity that associates with or without a diploma. Accepts “. The ABJ was created in 2009, the year the federal Supreme Court decided that specific training would not be mandatory for the practice of the profession.

To join ABJ, you only need to send personal details and pay annual fees of R $ 399.00. Bernardo usually shows his ABJ membership certificate when asked about his background.

Reporter does not speak

Was contacted by journalist Bernardo Lima sport Last Tuesday (9) by phone, but said he would not comment on the contents of this report. Then he hung up. Purchased by WhatsApp, Bernardo insisted that he would not comment.

Bill wants to make “stalking” a crime in Brazil

“Stalking”, or harassment behavior, is considered a crime in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Portugal, but not in Brazil. In the country, the Criminal Abuse Law (1941) describes “harassment for peace” as a violation, “harassing someone or harassing him for a wrong or offensive reason”.

Since 2019, at least 11 bills have attempted to increase the conduct of harassers, who use social media and other means, usually to intimidate and harass women. One of them, written by Senator Leila Barrows (PSB-DF), constitutes a crime of “obsessive harassment”, described as follows:

“Someone, repeatedly and in any way, endangering their physical or psychological integrity, inhibiting their ability to move about in any way or inhibit their independence or privacy.”

The bill is under discussion in Congress, awaiting analysis by the Senate.

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