Journey and First Day (by Pedro Felner)

Journey and First Day (by Pedro Felner)

The Australian Land Organization started with a 14-hour flight from Doha to Melbourne, chartered by the Australian Open Organization. To mitigate the risks, the giant Airbus 350 had a “block” for each of us. Imagine a plane for 400 passengers with 5 souls. It was seven o’clock when we were riding. Sad, because many of us hadn’t slept that night yet. This was my case. Optimization is estimated to jet lag, It was important to sleep without a flight of at least 5 hours. Impossible task. I slept for the first 5 minutes, waking up 4 or 5 hours later to eat the best meal I had ever been served on board: Thai soup – not the most sensitive to spicy flavors – and lamb with saffron rice. All served in plates, cutlery and glasses that would look good in any Michelin-star restaurant. The rest of the flight hours were filled with lots of readings, some drafts in my project book, occasional conversations with flight attendants and a few hours surfing the Internet.

It is advisable to pull a long flight with a credit card to buy Internet access on board. I encouraged myself to make video calls at home, show my daughter the plane, and introduce me to the flight attendants.

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