Juventus boss Andrea Pirlo criticizes Arthur’s vision after sharp Ferencvaros victory

Juventus boss Andrea Pirlo criticizes Arthur's vision after sharp Ferencvaros victory

Andrea Pirlo has criticized the vision of Juventus midfielder Arthur, who last summer signed a share deal for Merlem Paganic from Barcelona for the Italian champions.

Appointed as Juventus coach in his first senior role during the upcoming season, Pirlo was speaking after the Italians. Hard-fight 2-1 win Hungary beat Ferencvaros in the Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo came off the bench in the 92nd minute to give La Rosa striker Alvaro Morta the victory for Juventus after dismissing Mirto Uzuni’s opener.

“Our intention was to start with a different attitude, but we know that sports can have problems that seem simple on paper,” Pirlo quoted Sky Sport Italia as saying. Reported in Football Italy. “We were very superficial in the beginning and we had to pursue the game.

“Our first press was not loud, which is normal to lose some intensity after so many matches, but the important thing was not to go ahead and allow counter-attacks. We did this a few times in the first half, but then managed to settle down.

“I expected more from the players, but Ferrero-Waldner claimed we had to try to move the ball faster to spread them. We moved this very slowly, making it easier for them to defend themselves.

“The Ferencvros have a high line and invite you to attack them, but if you don’t do it at the right time, it falls into their hands. When we got the right time, we were almost always dangerous. ”

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Arthur was criticized by Fabio Capello for his performance in the studio. Capello argued that his passage was too short, slow and horizontal.

“He grabbed the ball today and took a little pig and was trying to find more straight through the balls when he should have spread it wide and tried to spread the Ferrero-Wars defense,” Pirlo agreed.

“He should have opened the game more to create more than one situation. If the ball was moving very slowly, it would allow them to get back in position. ”

Capello asked if Arthur really had the ability or the vision to divide the defense. “Not much right now, but he’s learning,” Pirlo replied after the gossip.

Elsewhere in Group G of the Champions League, Barcelona secured their place in the last 16 of the competition with a 4-0 win over Dynamo Kiev in Ukraine. They are three points clear in the second round, the Catalans set a record of 100% in Europe this season.

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