Know the necessary precautions to avoid trouble on Black Friday

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Black Friday 2021 is coming. it will be the next day 26 November. This date has been gaining strength in Brazilian commerce in recent years and has already entered the consumer’s shopping itinerary.

Systems analyst Rodrigo Sequeira wants to buy a 32-inch television. For this he has been comparing prices in different stores for at least two months.

In order to take advantage of discounts on products and services, it is necessary to take certain precautions, as Rodrigo did, in order to avoid inconveniences with deceptive prices and false products. This alert is from Lillian Brando, director of the Department of Consumer Protection and Defense, Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

Black Friday originated in the United States in the 1960s and since 2010 it has been held here with the intention of clearing stocks of parts and products in order to restore them before n.Firm, the biggest sale to date in Brazil.

With very large sales volume at the end of the year, it is important to remember that, if the consumer has a problem with a purchase, services or goods, he can resort to Procons or file a complaint on the website.

Lillian Brando remembers what is written in Article 49 of the Consumer Defense Code regarding the exchange of products purchased via the Internet.

In addition to comparing prices and stores, it’s important for anyone shopping on Black Friday to think about conscious consumption, to avoid impulsive shopping and future indebtedness.

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